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If you've recently browsed our super cool new website, you might have seen just about the cutest pins, patches, and knick knacks we recently acquired. We stumbbled upon an Instagram page from a local Miami artist and while looking through all his creative items we knew our Tallahassee shoppers would DIE for everyone of them.The artists name is Danny Brito and he lives and breathes art.

Olde Fields is known for showing support to local artists and, as a fellow Miami native, it was an exciting time to bring his style to Tallahassee. Although we only snagged a handful of his pieces, we hope to be having his name in our store for as long as we can!

By far the best home accessory are these praying candles. Whether you're gifting one or buying one for yourself, these are perfectly curated with sayings to keep you smiling. 

Another fan favorite are the mirror stickers that will have you literally screaming internally. 

If you're a huge fan of a little podcast called My Favorite Murder, you will definitely love this iron on patch. Even if you're not all caught up, we all should just stay sexy and not get murdered. 

Last but not least, my all time favorite purchase from the collection is this cute little sticker. After watching Jeffree Star for as long as I have and knowing his ability to spill all the tea, it was only appropriate to place a tea kettle talking about tea right on to the back of my laptop. 


And THAT'S the tea on Danny Brito Olde Fields collection.

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